kweh omateru' (greetings friends)

this is my little place for sharing, art, thoughts, and to encourage creative dialog about meaningful living and cultural revitalization. I hope to inspire the young, and challenge all, that we might walk and breathe deeper as this present moment is ours alone. Life is a blossom, impermanent, and yet in fading, it is seed releasing... into the winds.. where new life and inspiration emerge...again. Sohahiyoh (named for the Bear Clan) Richard Zane Smith Wyandot artist
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  • painting the feathered purple green, and as its finished
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life is a suspension
between birth and death
between ancestors and unborn
between immaterial and material
between our father and our mother
between insight and ignorance
between adoration and indifference
between desire and revulsion
between faith and logic
between trust and suspicion
between compassion and fury
between confidence and insecurity
between light and darkness
and on and on…
Our life is the meeting place
the center core of a sphere of extremes
pulling tugging, pushing shoving
its here we live and move and have our being

just some morning thoughts….Sǫhahiyǫh 3/2014

Where are Our women?

What is this OVER-focus on Founding Fathers?

Why are Women are STILL so underrated, under-appreciated?

Is it because Women are too much like the earth we tread on?

seriously WTH??

WHY this perpetual infatuation with Male Leadership

Male superstars, Male bronzes, heavy on Male glory?

Is it because when men succeed, its simply more amazing to us?

seriously WTH??

Is it because as men we’re embarrassed  when our male bodies respond?

Do Strong women turn us on and so we respond by turning away (“oh shit”)

and  comfortably and limply, give the honors and awards to more men?

seriously WTH??

Every church steeple and every monolith, is still an erection of Male glory,

Where are our Monuments to honor our Mothers womb, and our Sisters power?

Open pit mines? Plunging oil drills into Mothers flesh? Fracking into her vital organs?

seriously WTH??



Feb. 2014



Wandat Springs Ceremonial grounds

Wandat Springs Ceremonial grounds

early winter morning, sun still behind the hill, a peace is settled on this land, a calm..the same kind of calm that settles on us as we sit deep in the womb of mother earth, the sweatlodge, or there gathered around the dance grounds on summer benches as ceremonies begin with the burning of sacred tobacco…grown there on the land


Wandat Springs

Wandat Springs

the beautiful clear water spring that flows down to the Wandat Yanǫhšetsih ceremonial grounds on our property.


Breath of Life Washington DC 2013

Breath of Life 2013wendat.wandat.teamBreath.of.Life2013

Honored to be a part of the Wendat/Wandat language (4some)team at the Breath of Life Summer Institute . from the right , Dr. Craig Kopris, our principle Wandat linguist, Nathalie Picard,Musician/artist,Wendat..and Megan Lukaniec, Wendat, Masters linguist ,working on her doctorate.

Here at the National Museum of the American Indian we met each morning for two weeks for training and lectures before visiting the collections and archives in the various Smithsonian museums


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