kweh omateru' (greetings friends)

this is my little place for sharing, art, thoughts, and to encourage creative dialog about meaningful living and cultural revitalization. I hope to inspire the young, and challenge all, that we might walk and breathe deeper as this present moment is ours alone. Life is a blossom, impermanent, and yet in fading, it is seed releasing... into the winds.. where new life and inspiration emerge...again. Sohahiyoh (named for the Bear Clan) Richard Zane Smith Wyandot artist


Letter from Wyandotte Chief Leaford Bearskin

Letter from Chief L.BearskinChief Bearskins letter to SWAIA

I feel kinda strange including a document like this,

but because of all the pretendNDNs and fraudulent claims ,

I felt it might ease some collectors minds to know that I’m Wyandot

and recognized as such by a Wyandotte Chief of a federally recognized Wyandot(te) Nation.

We come from the same families, so we Wyandot(te) people don’t normally even think about these things.

But for any who have had hesitation, or bouts of apprehension…here it is….

now i can get back to making art.  🙂



springtime’s eternal question

fern question


what do I believe?

what do I believe


Oklahoma Fall morning

An Oklahoma Fall Morning