regrowth from a fallen tree

1-2011  regrowth

Sometimes a tree is blown over by fierce winds or knocked clean over by another falling tree,

If the roots come clear out of the ground the tree dies and rots back into the earth.

But if there are still some roots firmly lodged in the soil those roots are still alive.

the branches of the fallen tree are often killed by the stress of the fall and brokeness,

but something interesting often happens down near the lower trunk,

because the roots are still drawing moisture the sap has to go somewhere,

and it find the smallest buds and begins to awaken them and begins to fill them with its lifeblood.

These buds burst open and start sending out shoots..sometimes RAPIDLY growing several feet a year,

almost un-naturally they are forced into SPEED-growth, and the leaves that come from them are

usually twice as big as normal leaves because all that sap from huge roots is funneled into those tight little sprouts.

Sometimes several will sprout, and they will eventually “compete” for life, or

become a multi-trunked tree …being still the fed by the same root.  Either is being true to natures ways.

This is whats happening to some of us now,

We are like those buds..the tree has fallen,the old branches withered and died,

but our roots were anchored deep and never stopped sucking in moisture .

The sap has found a few of us little miniscule buds and is forcing itself into us

and we are being forced to become a tree almost abnormally almost unwillingly.

The sap flowing into us is so strong and forceful we reach heights quickly ,but

eventually the trunk will widen and the sap will flow normally and we can once

again be a spreading tree with beautiful and normal leaves and branches.

Its something i’ve learned this winter…in my walks among the trees.

Richard Zane Smith    —-  Sohahiyoh


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