willow rising

the bent willow- rises again

When our languages were shattered, our old ways of thinking were attacked and began to errode away.

Leaving us thinking and dreaming in a conquerors tongue of NOUNS, definitions, and less action and descriptive words to express ourselves and the mysteries that can’t be boxed in filing cabinets and set on specimen shelves. To restore our languages is one of our priorities and like bringing back the buffalo, restoring our native thinking will help us to heal our sustainable circle societies.

Yes our path into the 21st century has been “interesting” , as native First Nations people groups. Its easy to get angry…but it doesn’t solve anything. To blame is to admit defeat. BUT what do we do with the anger? the anger fomenting in our hearts ends up only turning us into people we don’t want to become…but then unfortunately stuffing the anger, leads so many turn to self destructive behaviors and alcohol ,drug abuse, and even violence in the homes we used to die to protect.

Once we were like the Muskox who circle the young and vulnerable and the men would be an impenetrable shield around what was sacred to us..our women ( our HEARTBEAT) and our children (our FUTURE) .With the conquest we are all scattered like helicoptor terrorized muskox, butting each other and trampling our own youth, while the wolves sit and wait for us to destroy ourselves…they will simply pick up the pieces.

We are still broken but the spiral that was winding down has made a turn and is winding once more.

OVER the ruins of the boarding schools where our grandparents were interrogated and brainwashed ,we bring out the drum and we sing the ancient songs and dance the ancient dances…because conquerors come and go, but what is good…what is LIFE…finds away…the river willow bends with the flood waters…bending even flat, but when the flood is over it begins to straighten again…and a new day is born and the conquest will be only a dark memory.    rzs 2011


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