truth fall – rzs – april2011

truth fall                   rzs 2011

truth falls like rain drops on cloth,

speckles from falling sky lake above us.

when cloth is porous, the water spots spread

bleeding across meeting other drops

till the whole cloth is saturated and our skin is wet.

but what if our fabric is oiled or silicone coated?

repellant to the drops that descend on us

causing truth-drops to bead up and roll off?

what preconditioning can cause such runoff?

what do we allow to repel the drops that fall

so that we remain dry and untouched beneath?

oils of both faith and doubt can repel truth-drops;

both intelligence and ignorance can shake off truth

when they’ve saturated our fabric.

preconditioning can create protective systems

to coat any receptive fibers from any surprises.

When we are sealed off, we are shut off

we no longer receive, we remain protected.

When I’ve decided; “I already know all that”

it’s evidence of my impervious sealed cloth,

only seeing truth on a spattered surface,

but no longer feeling it on my skin.

intelligence and ignorance, atheism and religion

probably are the most impervious sealers of our minds.

Maybe there is a cure (a repellant remover?)

maybe a wonderous childlike curiosity!  and the sun!

sunshine makes our oil-cloth bead up beneath

causing sweaty discomfort and misery.

Light porous cloth wicks away our trapped steam

sun rays disinigrate silicone,  freeing one fiber at a time.

curiosity gives a way out for the religious and the atheist,

sunny illumination rescues the brilliant and the ignorant .

let truth fall!   ,let it soak our fabric and into our very pores

and let sunshine receive it back on the path of golden rays.


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