Was using “Geronimo” for code word in Pakistan bad taste?

I think the average american conscience is pretty well seared off.
the “we won, so get over it” mentality seems to be the norm here in USA
and seems to justify a dominant attitude of continual slurs against the “enemy”
from ridiculous mascots, the naming of missiles, hunting weapons, guns, cars, etc.
Once a group of people are the  enemy…it seems enemy status is perpetuated
by degradation. Degradation is perpetuated from adults to the lives of children,even by games.
Us children grew up fighting “japs” and “germans” with our green plastic army men
and had no idea how prejudice was sinking its fangs into us.
HOWEVER having said all that…there might some day be some honest comparisons
made by objective historians.
One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.
We Wyandot have war dance ceremonies that the federal government banned,
because they were once  used to prepare ourselves before fighting the British or the Americans.
Colonizers can name a city Sandusky (a Wyandot corruption of Tsa’duhstih) but strictly enforce a ban of WAR DANCES.
We were once the terrorists and yes we did spread terror on the Ohio frontier.
Yes we were once the terrorists, we kidnapped white children, they grew up to fight against their own white race.
we used sneaky frustrating guerilla warfare tactics against militarily advanced troops and weapons.
The colonizers wars against each other were fought by forming opposing lines and advancing mowing each other down till the best man won.
that was stupidity to our native way of thinking. so as “them damn redskins” we were the terrorists…i’m not ashamed of that.
someday….there may be some Afghans who might come to understand Osama bin Laden as a kind of Geronimo or a kind of Sitting Bull.
who dared to take on the powers of the world because he believed that they represented greed,capitalism,and the pillaging of earths resources.

2 responses

  1. Lisa

    I remember after the OKC and World Trade bombings watching all the foreign rejoicing and thinking, “wow, that’s terrible!”
    Then on the day after Bin Laden was killed I see news footage of people on this continent doing the exact. same. thing. I have to say that it horrified me even more to see the U.S. people; those who are by their own declaration more sophisticated and refined?
    I don’t think that any death is a cause for violent celebration.
    I have other thoughts … but will sum it up by saying I know this won’t be the end of terrorism. Hitler was killed, but did the Nazi regime die?

    May 17, 2011 at 12:43 am

    • I know exactly what you mean…Lisa,
      i really agree with you.
      when people jump up and down excited because someone has just been killed,
      it makes you wonder about their OWN sense of honor and dignity

      May 17, 2011 at 2:02 am

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