an old style traditional hunting society?

I’ve had this idea of growing a traditional archery/hunting society here in Wyandotte.

Restoring values of hunting respectfully , prayerfully, and coming to the woods with only the tools one has made

by hand and the developed skill to use them successfully and not wastefully or cruelly.

NOT with the idea of  “yeah! hunting season!  lets go kill something!”  I hate that ,and I dread “hunting season”

with all those whose big challenge in life seems to be showing how they have outsmarted a deer and then mount his head

stuffed and glass eyed like its peacefully enjoying living room life , watching hunting shows with Bubba,

his master controller popping another can of beer over a belly sprawled on a popcorn studded couch.

Along with the restoration of language, culture, ceremony,should also come an understanding of what is often translated as “true people

NOT existing merely as consumers feeding and placated at the full trough of a capitalistic greed based system,

this colonization of our minds is killing us as “true people” and  dulling us down to become a

strange hybrid domesticated species of  human beings. What has happened to the turkey through domestication SHOULD be a warning

to us but somehow our senses are also fading to the point where we fail to detect the danger of what we are becoming.

what will rouse us?

There needs to be a restoration of respect and awe for nature. We can’t of course assume that every Native person acted respectfully

and never abused his power over animals, but we do know that such arrogance was disapproved of ,and opposed by community life ways

so…where do we start?

in the next post we’ll meet some trees… trees that will sacrifice their lives for our humble attempts at bow making.

In all life there is sacrifice and with sacrifice there is thanks to express, to the tree,our fellow being, and to the ONE who brought the tree into existence.

Unlike euro-american thinking, life and death are not thought of as  enemies, or that death is somehow always a disruption

“messing up” life’s plans. Death comes first before a vulture can eat, before a tree can draw nutrients from the decay on the forest floor.

life and death are no more enemies than night and day are enemies,  or winter and summer , or “up” or “down“.


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