the myth of an effortless life

contrary to whats being sold on billboards,
no one falls into anything significant without effort.
and sometimes extreme effort…

where’s the coincidental expert?
the lethargic kung fu master?
is there any accidental honing of a razor?
one can’t water slide into precision eye surgery,
or foot drag into acts of mercy or kindness…

Struggle is essential to overcome obstacles.
One might say “he plays the piano so effortlessly”
but one isn’t a superb musician without discipline.
spontaneity can only be achieved AFTER “bills are paid”
and i have to know how to whittle away my stumbling blocks…

BUT isn’t cutting firewood with a chainsaw effortless?
Is it? Each part of that saw represents hundreds of hands of laborers
to design, to manufacture and assemble such a luxury,so that i can saw up
a huge pile of firewood and think “wow…Look what i can do so easily.”

chip out a piece of rock ,haft it with sinew onto a stick
cut with a flint, then chop down a tree…now that IS something.
but one thing it won’t be is effortless.

the billboard myth of effortlessness encourages “just do it”
“just spend it” “just eat it” because the billboard is a fish trap.
as patient as a spider in its web among buzzing insects.
it won’t snag everyone,  only the occasional “fly” feeds it.


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