The Kentucky Coffee Tree

selecting trees for making bows is a careful and time consuming task.

I can’t just go up to a tree and wack it down ,load it up and split it to pieces.

but i’m not going to say “trees talk to me”…trees don’t talk.

I may talk to a tree (humans are the talkers!) to help me be fully present.

Trees are nothing at all like us. “tree being” is  far from “human being”

To project humanness onto a tree is to really MISS OUT on gettin to know trees!

Its no surprise that the way to understand trees is to spend time among them.

We’ll notice the presence of one tree is very different than another tree.

A White Oak is a White Oak..yes, they all share common traits of bark,and leaf

and acorns but each tree is also individually different than any other White Oak tree.

their universe is what exists and moves around them, to them and through them.

humanbeings are not much different than a visiting fly,squirrel or  woodpecker.

this below is a picture of a Kentucky Coffee Tree.

this area has so many close together they are competing for space. some are dying young.

I selected two younger trees with very straight trunks and

in my talkie human way I spoke to them and told them how i could use them

for making a bow or two. I try to use as much Wyandot language as i can.

these trees are growing very close to each other and can be thinned.

bark comes away easily this time of year when sap flows.


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