a good day to pick strawberries

Our traditional longhouse elders will say,

“the path to heaven is lined with wild strawberries.”

Once an elder ,as she was dying, told her family:  ” I smell strawberries”

Today is a good day to pick wild strawberries.

We’re amazed at how gullible people are to follow a doomsday preacher.

One belief for many Evangelicals is that the Christian Bible is inerrant.

Its an interesting belief coming from another doctrinal perspective

that humans are steeped in sin from birth, and naturally  deceptive.

Its like someone saying “believe me, all people are liars!”

And we’re supposed to trust them?  And who did they hear it from?

In ancient past Belief and Reason were of the same tree.

But when certain truths became apparent that opposed “traditional belief”

(eg. the earth actually revolves around the sun) (all life evolves/changes)

people could make choices between opposing paradigms,or create their own.

Some people think that to be a Native American traditionalist or a Christian, one

has to throw out logic and reason and embrace  ancient story as literal fact/history.

But isn’t even the concept of  “fact”  or “true history” a new idea?

Did our ancestors hearing traditional stories ask their elders

“aww…come on grandpa…is that really a fact?”

We didn’t hear story , parable or analogy the same way we do today.

When grandma says“I smell the strawberries”  

do we grill her? “come on Grandma..is that a fact?”

We listen , we feel those words….. and  it is what it is.


2 responses

  1. Lisa

    True, brother, all true. The path to heaven is also lined with brambles to try to pull us back — that’s why we trim fringe.

    Yes, it was a good day to pick strawberries. Was it a good day for you to pick?

    May 25, 2011 at 5:02 am

  2. Kweh Lisa, neh sge:noh,

    it was a wonderful morning sunny and bright, Aunt Patty and Aunt Kay both came out with Pearl.There was a box turtle joining us visiting the strawberries as well. Aunt Patty took a little roll ,but she was fine. She ended up sitting down below and picking what she could reach.
    I had to yell down to her “You aren’t sitting on that turtle are you?”
    She said she didn’t think so…we picked a nice quantity.

    Little did we know that in a few hours a MAJOR tornado would pass north of us and wipe out a 3rd of Joplin, killing 122 people,
    Hospital destroyed,trees ripped out by their roots, houses vanished,
    cars crumbled like tinfoil toys, 200 mph. winds
    thankfully Isaacs group home was a half mile below the tornadoes path and they are all fine…but the town — devastated.

    …and yet that morning, there we were laughing and picking delicate strawberries in the morning dew.

    May 25, 2011 at 2:55 pm

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