Public Apology?

Public Apologies are big media events and becoming “the in thing”

Churches are holding press-filled public apologies to read confessions about abuses done in their boarding schools to children committed to their care.

Apologies ought to accompany a commitment to undo damage that’s confessed to,
not simply a time for the abuser to get a hug and made to “feel better”.
As much as apologies are nice, many tack on disclaimers in fine print at the end
to make sure no one can legally hold them accountable to their admissions.
A public apology puts Indigenous people ON THE SPOT.
To refuse to accept a public apology makes indigenous people look “unforgiving” and mean,
and the “apologizers” as the ones turned away for seeking to right a wrong.
to accept apology gives the abuser documentation of “a public forgiveness”
a freedom from guilt, a sigh of relief that they may be now free from prosecution.
Either way,an apology without committment to work to heal or undo damage,
is merely an emotional “feel good event” for the party with dirty hands.
True repentance means “changing direction”…and thats what most of us want to see….
Richard Zane Smith
Wyandotte Oklahoma

One response

  1. Fantastic Richard!!!! Thank you for the strawberry picture.
    The Elders say ” you can taste the strawberries when you get ready to cross over”.
    I love strawberries. 🙂

    July 19, 2011 at 6:20 pm

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