do we want adrenalin driven leaders or calm leaders?

With all the turmoil within political systems I can’t help but think there are some basic problems continually overlooked.

I’m almost convinced that some political problems arise when a male is doing what comes more naturally to a woman.

True leadership, diplomacy,”big-picture” thinking seems to elude most men when they’ve achieved too much authority.
“Competition/racing to the top” is so much a part of the male drive that too much authority seems to erode the strength of men,
and even blind them as to their mission as leaders who are watched so carefully.
its not that men are just “bad” its just that they are often at the wrong job for their own strengths and qualities.
Women(those not caught in the mans game) make better diplomatic leaders because they are naturally more centered,
not given as much towards conquest . Men do make strong warriors, hunters, builders, designers, engineers and do well with jobs of these qualities.
Beyond sociologists and anthropologists I’m not sure the world has figured that gender might play specific roles for  building stronger communities.
Matriarchal systems are overlooked because they are quieter…less domineering and conquest oriented….peaceful societies don’t draw attention.
Unfortunately for all the good thats achieved in democratic systems there are still weaknesses and flaws.
Ironicly,  Those who RUN for office  are often fierce competetors and  “winner at any cost” types,
and often the kind of people we DON”T want to be lead by…but as citizens we are given these to elect from.
 its become: Which of these “aggressive males (or women who are aggressive types)” do you want in office?
I’m not  optimistic about the system as it stands, especially because there is built into it a “bent” towards deceit and image
building. Once one starts deceiving, its very hard to stop. Men are very susceptible to the rush of adrenalin
in risk taking and covert flirtations with danger and intrigue. Adrenalin jobs can be good for men, but
do we want adrenalin driven leaders?….Don’t we want careful calm nurturing leaders who think deeply about the future?
I think the earth would be healthier if we had a United Nations of Grandmothers to oversee world issues.
I’d appreciate anyone else’s perspectives!

2 responses

  1. Judith Kukowski

    You are so right Richard. But when we Wendat had a matriarchal system the world wasn’t ready for it. They destroyed our culture. Now we are trying to find ways to retrieve and rebuild what was lost. And even within our Wendat society there are those who don’t believe. Or do they fear losing power? That and greed are the worst diseases wrought on us. I shall pray to the Grandmothers in the other world for guidance.

    September 27, 2011 at 2:53 am

    • tizhameh for the comments Judith,
      there is an awakening. I’ve been writing to many who believe its time to restore grandmothers and women back into the center, the core of society
      where feminine power is strongest and does the most good. One woman , her life dedicated to the alleviation of poverty, has written an extensive book
      called “Ecofeminism” (over 500 pgs.) which deals with this subject extensively. She uses different terminology than ours (using the Yin Yang concept) to
      explain what happens when masculine power is out of control. I believe its available on

      the trick is how to implement these older sustainable life-ways back into an aggressive competition drive society…..this calls for wisdom!

      September 27, 2011 at 4:45 am

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