“The Thick Dark Fog”

As we pass the unsteady staggering one

but before we condescending think “what a drunk!”

take time to wonder about  his story, or her pain,

a child doesn’t wake up one bright morning thinking

“I  want to be an alcoholic when i grow up”

PLEASE watch this video…its short, but so strong

you will see how easy it is to hide behind a bottle,

when you have been humiliated, broken into submission…

but you will also see  those who are climbing out

and giving a helping hand to others…the fog lifting…


One response

  1. Christy (ondayuacan)

    May we listen in respectful silence
    May we reach with hands to mend the wounds
    May we pound our hearts with the deep felt love of brotherhood
    May we remember…always remember

    February 12, 2012 at 1:09 am

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